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Shade Structures

Our Shades delivers creative solutions and unique designs to protect us from the sun's harmful rays and keep us cool. The top features and benefits of Superior Shade include blockage up to 98% of UV rays, UV stabilized fabric to resist fading and unraveling, and reduce temperatures up to 25 degrees! Our structure frames withstand wind gust up to 150 mph and meet local building codes!  


If you are looking to cover a pool or even a play area, we suggest using one of our shade structures! Shade structures are easy to install and most designs come with Glide Elbows, an easy fabric release mechanism for winter removal without compromising the integrity of the frame or wind load.  Our Shades are available in multiple styles, sizes and colors. 

We can help you determine which shade is best for your needs. Contact us now for a free Quote and Rendering!

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