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Running Tracks

Plexitrac systems are advanced track surfacing systems designed to provide runners with the highest levels of surface performance for competition and cushioning for safe training. Visit Plexitrac for more information.

This Synthetic Track Surface is a latex application made with EPDM rubber granules that can be installed over new asphalt/concrete or over existing deteriorated synthetic rubber to prolong the life of your running track.  Plexitrac Systems are formulated to be the most durable, water-based, resilient track surfaces on the market today. Plexitrac Systems meet or exceed the IAAF requirements for spike resistance, force reduction, modified vertical deformation, and slip resistance.

Do you have minor cracks or small pit holes in your running track? We carry a Synthetic Track Repair Kit that you can order and get shipped directly to your Maintenance Facility. This kit comes with the materials and directions to fix cracks and patches that can be done by any Maintenance Personnel.  Please contact us to discuss your surfacing needs or to simply order your Synthetic Track Patching Kit.

Patch Repair Kit Brochure                                             


We would be more than happy to schedule a site visit evaluation and give you a free estimate.

Patch Repair Kits

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